Starting up an Urgent Care Business by Purchasing an Existing One

The urgent care business has really taken offNot every business has to start from scratch and work up from there. In some cases, it might be a good idea to buy a preexisting business in the same field in order to start your own. Here’s why that might be a good idea for an urgent care center.

The urgent care business has really taken off lately, and there are plenty of them around to pick from. You can find one that is struggling or one where the owner is just ready to get out of the business and see if buying that urgent care center up is a possibility. The major benefit to this strategy is that you save money. You won’t pay a lot of startup costs because you’ll have a building, an established practice and many of the tools and even employees that you need for your business. That can save you a lot of time as well, meaning you can start to take income almost immediately.

You’ll also have established customers to work with. Even if the business isn’t doing well, it likely has customers who come there regularly. You can put up a sign saying that it is under new management to distance yourself from the previous owners. That’s also a good way to bring new customers who live nearby but haven’t been impressed by what they heard about the old business.

Buying up an old business can mean that you take on a lot of its old problems, but if you have a business plan in place and you devise methods for handling these problems head on, then you could bring this business out on the other side of the acquisition doing better than it ever has before. It all depends on how you handle it.

You definitely need to prepare for problems upfront. You can’t just take over an existing business and put your own in its place and not expect some problems. Make sure you talk to the previous owners and get details as to what problems they ran into so you can formulate a plan for dealing with them.

There’s plenty of benefits to starting over with a preexisting urgent care center, and you can make it work while quickly making a profit, if you plan carefully.

Plan Your Profession: Be a Wedding Planning Consultant

Back then, hiring wedding planners is a luxury. As the number of couples who use the services of wedding coordinators rise, this part of the wedding industry showed a high potential for being a profession or career.

a checklist for wedding plannersSuch viability is evident in the rising number of businesses that offers wedding planning services. The Internet also became the venue of this burgeoning industry in stretching its terrains even to technology and education sector. Several wedding planners now offer downloadable wedding planning software programs that serves as a guide to couples. Schools also now embrace the idea of offering wedding planning career programs.

As its name suggest, wedding planners, also called wedding consultants, bridal consultants, and wedding coordinators, plan the big day. The question is why the demand for wedding consultants is continually rising.

The Gatlin Education Services (GES) said that a professional wedding consultant is skilled in events planning and monetary management. GES provides online workforce to various colleges and universities for their career programs including certification for wedding planning programs.

The skills include creativity on several aspects of design and decoration, insider’s knowledge with and network of the best vendors in town, and updated information on almost all areas of wedding ceremonies.

GES further put weight on the role of wedding consultants by encapsulating in its job description every detail—it may be small or substantial—of the wedding, such as conception of theme and decorations, contracts, ceremony details, and industry formulas for deliveries.

Specifically, a wedding consultant receives, makes, documents telephone calls, and schedules appointments with clients and vendors, assists clients with their wedding attire selection, tracks budget and plans projects, visits sites for venue selection, troubleshoots and solves problems, manages and delegates task, collects payments, and so on.

With such arduous work of planning a wedding, several brides opt to hire wedding consultants. The’s survey showed that 72% of recently married brides regretted not having hired a wedding consultant while 49% said that hiring one is the vital detail they missed about their entire weddings.

It is no doubt the employment of wedding planners was projected to increase by 20% between 2006 and 2016, according to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics. In addition, wedding planners have a relatively high earning—a 10 – 15% of the total wedding expenditures.

GES is just one of the many schools that spurred following the rise in the demand for such profession. GES standardized the curriculum, instruction, and evaluation of the Certified Planning Program across its partner schools. Since 1999, the SuperWeddings has been offering a certification program. An online program though, but it provides a close student – teacher relationship.

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