Do Emergency Dentists Do Extractions?

If you have a tooth extraction that you need performed, then you can trust the professional 24-hour dental services in Dallas to take care of that for you. No matter what hour of the day (or night) your tooth begins to bother you, if it needs to be extracted, emergency dentists can handle it for you. To some patients, it might seem like this is a job that’s too complex or severe for an emergency dentist to be bothered with, but that’s exactly why emergency dentists are there in the first place

a dentist can extract troublesome teethThey handle dental emergencies of all kinds, and a tooth that is in need of extraction is certainly one of them. There are several different reasons why a tooth would not be able to be saved and why it may need to be extracted. If your mouth is overcrowded, for example, and too many teeth are there, pressing against one another, then one of them may have to be taken out. Otherwise, your teeth won’t grow properly and the bones in your jaw may start to suffer.

If you have some sort of oral disease, then your tooth can become infected and may need to be removed. An infected tooth can cause problems for the rest of your mouth and often extraction will be the best way to treat the issue.

24-hour dental services in Dallas can also help you if your tooth has experienced some sort of trauma. When a tooth is severely damaged, it can create a variety of oral problems and it may need to be extracted to preserve the rest of the mouth. Your emergency dentist can remove it for you just as easily as your regular dentist would.

You don’t always have time to wait until your dentist’s office opens. Sometimes, the dental problem needs to be addressed right away. With a dental emergency like a tooth extraction, an emergency dentist is often the best choice. They will be able to see you quickly and have the tooth removed with no problems at all. This is a relatively simple procedure for an experienced dentist to perform, so there is no reason to hold off on having it done by your regular dentist when an emergency dentist is available. Emergency dentists operate 24/7, so no matter when your problem occurs, they can take care of it for you.