Promote Yourself: Embroidered Hats for Brand Awareness

One of the oldest means in marketing by which people have long promoted awareness of their brand or identity is through the distribution of customized products. Just think about all of those custom pens you’ve encountered over the course of your life; how many have you seen, honestly? Hundreds? More likely thousands. At this point, they’re hardly memorable; pens, and similar items, aren’t where we normally look to find information about things. They fill a specific function, and that’s about all we need them for. We go through disposable pens like they’re candy, disdaining the more economical refillable option because it’s simply not enough of a hassle to make the slight savings over time worthwhile for most.

Why Hats Work

When someone is wearing a hat, you’re immediately presented with it. The eye is drawn to the front of the hat, particularly if it’s displaying information which we’ve never before seen. If a hat is obviously of considerable quality – made with good materials, and put together in durable fashion, with an aesthetically pleasing design – it encourages the viewer to think positively about the information it conveys. Thus, a well-made embroidered hat can be an excellent, passive, and long-term marketing tool that will continue to drive traffic to your business or brand for years to come – particularly in the modern digital age, where a person has only to whip out their cellphone and punch up your Web address to have a look at what they’ve got on offer.

Our Products and Services

These embroidered hats represent years’ worth of experience in the design of promotion for any brand, product, or service. They’ve made hats for special events, for fund-raisers, and for conventions and other large-scale social gatherings. The hats are designed to last for years, to endure prolonged exposure to the elements, and to hold up under regular use – with a minimum of care and maintenance – while continuing to appear attractive and appealing to those who see them. They’re great collector’s items; think about it. How many people throw away hats? A hat is one of those things that people seem to just instinctively hold on to.

They’re only too happy to share our expertise, born of years of experience, with our customers. Advice and suggestions on color, style, and other elements of logo design are available for the asking. Founder Chris Kicidis is himself more than willing to weigh in with his own advice on how best to portray a brand or a cause – how to make your hats stand out, so that they get people talking, and remind them of what it is you want them to remember, even for years to come.